Rescue Company 4

Rescue Company 4
Est. 1976
Location: 9 South Washington Ave.,
Centereach, NY 11720


Captain  William Gardner  5-5-54

1st. Lieutenant  Kenneth Willms 5-5-64

2nd Lieutenant                      5-5-74

Current Apparatus

Heavy Rescue 5-5-4, 2000 Spartan/Saulsbury Heavy Rescue

Rescue 5-5-14, 2015 Ford F-550 Crew Cab/Spartan Mini-Rescue

Ambulance 5-5-15, 2011 Ford F-550 / Medtec Ambulance

Company History

Rescue Company #4 was formed in July 1976 as Emergency Company #1.  The name was changed to Rescue Company #4 in 2005.  To better understand the history of Rescue Company #4 we go all the way back to 1956 to Rescue Company #1 which was one of the first two companies along with Engine Company #1 operating with a Floodlight/Heavy Rescue truck. The first Officers of Rescue Co. 4 in 1976 were as follows Captain: Robert Wood, 1st Lieutenant: Robert MacGreggor, 2nd Lieutenant: Vincent Shelley.

In 1969 Hook & Ladder Company #1 was formed with the purchase and in service of a 85′ Snorkel as the departments first Aerial Apparatus.  Both companies were merged together to become Emergency Company #1 in July of 1976.

In 1972 our Rescue Company was one of the first departments on the East Coast to purchase and put in service the HURST “Jaws of Life” Spreader a few years prior to the FDNY putting them in service, its used to extricate patients trapped in a vehicle or other machinery.

Rescue Company takes great pride in operating and training with the extrication tools and equipment and has even made their motto “A Cut Above”.

Rescue Company #4 consists of Firefighting & EMS personnel, Rescue Company has two Rescue Trucks: Heavy Rescue 5-5-4 & Mini Rescue 5-5-14 (both equipped with forcible entry tools, extrication tools and technical rescue equipment) and an Ambulance as its response apparatus