Fire Police

Est. December 1956
Location:  9 South Washington Ave.,
Centereach, NY 11720


Captain Robert Soricelli 5-5-55

1st. Lieutenant Clifford Johnson 5-5-65

2nd. Lieutenant George Cortes 5-5-75

Current Apparatus

Fire Police 5-5-10, 2009 Chevy Suburban Fire Police Unit

Fire Police 5-5-11, 2002 Ford F-550/Wheeled Coach Fire Police Unit

Fire Police 5-5-24, 2011 Ford Expedition Fire Police Unit

Company History


Fire Police Company was formed in 1956, the first officers were as follows, Captain: David Brown, 1st Lieutenant: Ernest Camerlingo, 2nd Lieutenant: Glen Clark.

Fire Police members receive sworn peace officer powers and support firefighting efforts at emergency incidents.  In addition to securing firefighting equipment, incident, and fire scenes, fire police also assist regular police, they perform road closures, traffic control, crowd control at public events.

Most of the members of Fire Police are former firefighters who can no longer do the jobs of an interior structural firefighter.  Each station has a Fire Police response vehicle, 5-5-11 responds out of Headquarters, 5-5-24 responds out of Station 2 & 5-5-10 responds out of Station 3 all are equipped with traffic control equipment.