Engine Co. 1

Est. April 1956
Location: 9 South Washington Avenue,
Centereach, NY 11720


Captain  Daniel O’Neill Jr. 5-5-51

1st. Lieutenant  James Flatley 5-5-61

2nd. Lieutenant  Christine Klein 5-5-71

Current Apparatus

Engine 5-5-7, 2002 Pierce Lance 2000 GPM, 750 Gal. Pumper

Engine 5-5-12, 2008 Spartan Gladiator 1500 GPM, 500 Gal. Pumper

Brush 5-5-8, 2011 Ford F-350 4×4 Brush Truck

Ambulance 5-5-18, 2012 Chevy / Demers Ambulance

Company History


In early 1956 the Centereach Fire Department decided to form into Companies to help the response in the ever-growing community.  By April two Companies were formed one of them being Engine Company #1.  Engine Company #1 quarters have been at the Headquarters firehouse since its inception in 1956.

The first elected officers were as follows Captain: Arthur Lopa, 1st Lieutenant: Kurt Hauck, 2nd Lieutenant: Joseph Bagliere.  The members assigned to Company 1 are those who live in the middle of our Fire District who lived closest to Headquarters.

The Company 1 mascot is a Bulldog, it has been incorporated into its logo for many years, their nickname has been “The Bulldogs” or “Bulldogs in Heat”, the nickname “Midtown Express” is also labeled on Engine 5-5-12 the Companies current 1st due response apparatus for its Midtown location.

Engine Company #1 consists of Firefighting & EMS Personnel, Company 1 has Two Class A Pumpers 5-5-7 & 5-5-12, an off-road Brush Truck 5-5-8 and an Ambulance as its response apparatus.