On Monday April 1st 2019 @ 05:35 hrs the Centereach Fire Department was activated for a Brush Fire in the vicinity of North Washington Ave. upon arrival 3rd Assistant Chief Gerald Sposato (5-5-33) was welcomed to a fully involved Structure with a collapsing roof down a long driveway, Chief Sposato reactivated for a Signal 13/35 working Structure Fire and requested activation of the Mutual Aid Plan.  The Closest hydrants were both over 1,700 feet away from the structure, first Due Engine 5-5-9 dropped its supply hose at the end of the long driveway and began the attack with its tank water, 2nd Due Engine 5-5-12 picked up a hydrant south of the fire but was still short of reaching the fire another Engine dropped an additional 500 feet of supply hose to make the stretch, Ladder 5-5-5 came in from the North and picked up a 2nd hydrant also coming up short and was also assisted from another Engine.  The fire was quickly knocked down within an hour and all units were back in service within 2 1/2 hours. Thanks to Assistance from our neighboring Departments for the Assistance; Selden FD, Stony Brook FD, Ronkonkoma FD, Setauket FD to the Scene and Farmingville FD & Terryville FD for covering our District during the alarm. No injuries were reported during the alarm.

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