Summer is here and we have some pool safety 
Unfortunately, it takes just seconds for a child to drown. Drowning is the leading cause of death in many states for children under the age of five. Most of these children drown in their own backyard swimming pool, but others drown in buckets, bathtubs, toilets, dog water bowls, canals and ponds. Small children are top-heavy, and they don’t have the upper body strength to lift themselves out of one of these dangerous situations. Even if the child survives the incident, they are often left with permanent brain damage.
Drowning and near drowning can be prevented, and you can help! Anyone involved with the supervision of children needs to be aware of the dangers associated with any body of water. Below are important tips to prevent needless tragedies.
Know where your children are at all times
Use an approved barrier to separate the pool from the house
Never allow children to be alone near a pool or any water source, no exceptions!
Have life-saving devices near the pool, such as a pole/hook, or flotation device
Keep large objects such as tables, chairs, toys, and ladders away from pool fences
Post the 9-1-1 number on the phone
Do not allow children to play near the pool and store all toys outside the pool area
If you leave the pool area, always take the children with you
Always have a “designated child watcher”
Learn to swim
Never swim alone, or while under the influence of alcohol or medications
Never swim when thunder or lightning is present
Never dive into unfamiliar or shallow bodies of water