EMS Week 2016 Wrap Up

On Friday, May 20, 2016 as EMS Week comes to a close the Centereach Fire Department held a Department wide Training EMS Jeopardy, Medical Emergencies which included basic packaging and transporting of patients which was a timed contest and then the night concluded with a fun filled pie eating contest. Following the Training, the Centereach Fire Department enjoyed some dinner donated by Olive Garden and Buffalo Wild Wings of Centereach.
As a volunteer at the Centereach Fire Department, know that there is not a single day that goes by where hard work and dedication is not appreciated. Centereach volunteers are there when the community needs them, whether it is to apply a bandage to a child’s scraped knee, or to hold the hand of a new widow as the rest of the crew works feverishly to save a life. When that alarm goes off in the dead of night and they rise to the occasion, knowing someone is in need of assistance, it is appreciated more than they know and more than they are told.
The Centereach Fire District would like to thank the Volunteers for their dedication and commitment to their community for responding to over 3,000 alarms for 2015. Centereach Fire District Chairman Frank Rudilosso stated the Fire Department has always been an important part of the Community and it’s dedicated members are proud to serve and protect.   A special Thanks goes to EMT Lauren Gleason for putting the extra effort in organizing such a great and exciting week stated Asst. Chief Robert Corley. Lauren passion for EMS does not go unnoticed. As a Chief I am very proud of the men and woman who protect the Centereach Community  I could not ask for more passionate EMS providers
EMS Week 2016 2
EMS week 2016 1

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