As part of EMS Week for 2016, the Centereach Fire Department participated in Sim Wars, an event sponsored by Northwell Health. Sim Wars is a double-elimination competition that challenges clinical healthcare teams to compete against each other in simulated patient scenarios. The teams are rated in areas such as teamwork, communication, and clinical decision making skills. The winner is decided on by an audience response system.

The participants from the Centereach Fire Department competed in two semi final rounds and advanced to the final round where they took second place. This team has never used a simulation mannequin before and navigated the challenge with ease. “When faced with new challenges our volunteers know how to adapt and overcome” says Chief Corley. “We are very proud of our members”.

During Sim Wars, the team competed against various other teams from not only Suffolk and Nassau counties but from New York City as well. Chairman of the Board of Fire Commissioners Frank Rudilosso also expressed his enthusiasm for the win. “On behalf of myself and the rest of the Board of Fire Commissioners we extend our sincere congratulations to the team on a job well done”. The Centereach Fire Department plans to take the Sim Wars challenge next year as well and hopes for a first place finish.


Photo Left to Right: Cathy Padro, Raymond Catapano Jr., SariAnn Holst, Theresa Reynolds


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